2022 Range Rover Velar: Specifications, Prices, and Pictures

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 - Land Rover

2022 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Official Images


The 2022 of Range Rover Velar begins with a certain advance on the calendar, and materializes with the arrival of an unprecedented “special edition” and the introduction of an extensive program of hi-tech updates in equipment and finishes, which follow exactly one year the previous re-engineering specifications which, at the end of summer 2020, had been marked by the arrival of the rechargeable hybrid variant and a new range of petrol and diesel mild-hybrid engines: here are all the details.

The details of the entire 2022 range

2022 Land Rover Range Rover Velar HD Exterior Photo


Range Rover Velar adds new Land Rover SV Bespoke body colors (including the even more luxurious Premium selection) and the Tint on Sample service to its catalog of accessories and equipment. The first portfolio (“SV Bespoke Premium Palette”) includes fourteen color variations. These include, as special “nuances” available in an articulated range of finishes (from ultra-metallic to the satin variant with an opaque effect): Tourmaline Brown, Amethyst-Grey Purple, and Petrolix Blue.

SV Bespoke paints, Land Rover technicians indicate, are applied by the SV Technical Center on the basis of precise eco-sustainability indications: every year, the Bespoke Division saves 2.6 million liters of water, thanks to the use of special filters, while smart ovens save enough electricity for the needs of over 65,000 homes.

An additional level of customization is in turn offered by the SV Bespoke Match to Sample service, which allows you to obtain your own exclusive color upon presentation of the desired color sample. In addition, Ostuni Pearl White replaces Yulong White on the entire Range Rover Velar range, and the elegant Lantau Bronze finish debuts.


Among the Range Rover Velar Model Year 2022 updates, we note the use of the Cabin Air Purification Plus Among the Range Rover Velar “Model Year 2022” updates, we note the use of the “Cabin Air Purification Plus” system, which is based on the air ionization device that captures particles up to 2.5 PM (already present in the equipment): when the CO2 detection sensors show values ​​higher than normal comfort (for example, it indicates Land Rover, in prolonged use of the air recirculation function while crossing polluted areas, or if the car is fully load of occupants), the new Cabin Air Purification Plus optimizes the atmosphere in the passenger compartment, to the benefit not only of the well-being of the driver and passengers, but also of driving safety (as is known, in fact, a a high concentration of carbon dioxide indoors can cause drowsiness: in this specific case, the risk is that the driver’s attention will decrease). The same system also provides the Purity Circle command, through which it is possible to program an air purification cycle inside the car by activating the ventilation and recirculation system of the A / C system. Selecting a departure time, through the Land Rover Remote App for smartphone, or with the infotainment, allows you to set pre-air conditioning and a purification cycle, to be sure that the indoor air is clean, and not stale, even before leaving. The control of the indoor and outdoor air quality and the activation of the Purity mode are carried out by the driver or passengers from the central touch display.

On board Range Rover Velar 2022 there is also an expansion of the suite of active driving assistance devices (standard rear view camera, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist, which are part of the standard equipment in the HSE trim level, and in charge of controlling the steering, accelerator and brakes to keep the car in the center of its driving lane as well as at the pre-selected safety distance from the vehicle in front) and digitization, with access to various SOTA updates (Software Over TheAir), such as wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay. Later, the same wireless interface will also be made available for Android Auto.

Range Rover Velar Auric Edition

2022 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Auric Edition Features

Exterior Features

Set up on the mid-range R-Dynamic S configuration, the new edition (limited edition) features several exclusive specifications, which are responsible for giving the Solihull SUV even more sporty and elegant personality. In detail, the setting (which derives its name from the Latin word “Aurum”, meaning Gold) is recognized for a rich assortment of dedicated finishes: “Auric Atlas” color for the finish of the external details (grille, model badges, front hood, air intakes on doors and fenders); Three body finishes (Charente Gray, Ostuni Pearl White, Santorini Black), and on request the roof with contrasting paint; 20″ Mercurial Gloss Sparkle Silver Alloy wheels.

Interior Features

Inside, equipped with dedicated interior upholstery, from Windsor leather to premium Qvadrat fabric, and Interactive Driver Display combined with the Pivi Pro module designed to minimize driver distractions by displaying a complete range of vehicle and navigation information on the screen.


With regard to the drive units, Range Rover Velar Auric Edition is equipped with the entire lineup of four and six-cylinder engines, including the interesting PHEV P400e plug-in hybrid version, which offers up to 52 km of electric driving range. and of note for CO2 emissions starting from 49 g / k.


Available to order, and configurable through the Land Rover corporate website, the new Auric Edition special series is offered from € 72,400.

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